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Recreation Therapy Services:

Yoga Class


Exercise improves balance, strength, coordination and improves mood (e.g. going for walks) 

Painting Watercolor Flowers

Art Therapy

It decreases depression and anxiety. Also, participating in art maintains your fine motor skills.

Boombox Music Player

Emotional stimulation 

Music stimulates memories and calms the mind and body. Also, hand massages improves mood and increases blood flow.

Black Puzzle Pieces

Cognitive stimulation

Engaging in cognitive stimulation activities will improve concentration, memory and problem solving (e.g. jigsaw puzzles, sorting and playing cards

If you don't use it, you lose it.

Respite Services

  • Do you have caregiver burn out?

  • Do you need a few hours to go for a walk or grab a coffee?

  • Don't have time to see a friend? 

  • You need a break?

  • You need some "me" time?

If you answered yes to at least one question or all, take a deep breath and call at 647-323-0542.

I am here for you to make your life a bit easier and less stressful. I have witnessed caregiver burn out and it is very stressful especially trying to find places that have respite services. I will come to you!

Light cleaning

  • Vacuuming 

  • Dusting 

  • Laundry

  • Washing dishes 

You may inquire if service is not listed. 

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